SWS 2017 Speech Signal Processing Workshop

Speech Processing Workshop (SWS) is an annual event held by the Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing (ACLCLP). The meeting has featured distinguished experts and scholars from around the world, and this year’s invited speakers include:

Dr. Daniel Bone, Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab, University of Southern California, USA

Prof. Ming Li, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Prof. Prasanta Kumar Ghosh, Indian Institute of Science, India

Prof. Hsiao Lan Wang, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Dr. Chenchen Ding, National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT), Japan

The workshop will cover a wide variety of research topics in speech and language signal processing including speech production, auditory processing, multimodal paralinguistics, machine translation, to recent interdisciplinary fields of behavioral signal processing. This workshop will be focal point in the latest advancement in speech processing, natural language processing and its emerging opportunities in contributing to societal significant applications. This exciting workshop is an event for all interested participants from industry and academia.

Keynote Speakers

Learn from these great fellows

Topic :
Computational Modeling of Human Interaction Behavior Towards Clinical Translation in Mental Health

Research Interest :
Behavioral signal processing, Affective computing, Statistical signal processing, Technologies for health applications


Topic :
Paralinguistic Speech Attribute Recognition and Multimodal Behavior Signal Analysis

Research Interest : 
Speech signal processing, Human behavior signal processing, Multimodal biometrics, Structure health monitoring


Topic :
Discriminative Filtering ─ a Non-ASR Approach to Keyword Spotting

Research Interest :
Human speech communication science, Speech science application


Topic :
Auditory Rhythm and Reading Development in Chinese

Research Interest :
Educational neuroscience, Reading development and developmental dyslexia, MRI research in mental disorders


Topic :
An Introduction to Two Platforms on Asian Language Processing: Workshop on Asian Translation and Asian Language Treebank Project

Research Interest : 
Natural language processing, Asian and low-resource languages, Linguistically oriented approach


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